Praying Hands


For several days GOD kept asking me if I wanted to go to New York for surgery and just stop my body from getting worse or would I let Him (GOD) heal me. On Sunday, October 29, 2006, I accepted God's gift of healing. GOD has many good things for us; we just have to accept them.

I was in Pasadena, TX at Granny's house visiting. I asked Granny if she believed in laying on of hands for healing prayer. She said, "Yes I do." I told her that I did too, and that I felt GOD was going to heal me. I asked if she knew anyone in the area who believed that GOD healed this way? She told me that the pastor and his wife across the street were Christians and believed in GOD healing people. I asked her to call them, and she did. They were not home, so she left a message to call her back when they got in. About 30 minutes later they called. Granny told them that I was in town and would like to be prayed for. (They already knew about the brain and spinal problem.) A few minutes later they arrived.

The pastor (Larry) talked with me for awhile. I told him that I had been reading Matthew the past few days about JESUS healing people and that I knew GOD would heal me. I told him that GOD had already told me that he would fix my skull, pull my brain back inside, and close the hole in my spine.

The pastor read Mark 11:23-25 to me. He said that I needed to get my heart right before GOD would heal me. He told me to think for awhile about if I needed to forgive anyone or if I was bitter towards anyone. I thought for awhile and left the room to make a phone call.


I called Daddy and told him that I had become bitter towards him over the years. While I knew he loved me, I had rejected his love. This had made me feel rejected. This was not his fault, but mine. He said that he loved me, and I told him, "I love you" (and I meant it). The bitterness went away and love and joy filled me. THIS WAS THE BEST HEALING OF ALL!!!

I went back into the others and told them of the phone call to Daddy. The pastor told me to search my heart to see if I had any other bitterness. I did this and knew that I did not have any bitterness.

The pastor said that GOD knew what I needed and that when we prayed we would thank Him (GOD) for the healing, as the Bible said to do in Mark 11:23. I told the pastor that I had read the same thing about praying when I read Matthew. The pastor anointed my head with oil and he, his wife (Susan), and Granny laid hands on me to thank GOD for the healing. Aunt Shari came home at that time and also laid her hand on my neck (on the worse place on my neck) and prayed. We all thanked God for healing me. We prayed for just a few minutes. After that, the pastor said that healing takes time and that I should keep thanking GOD for healing me. We all hugged, and then we went home.

I did not do much on Monday. I was still very tired and weak. Monday night about11:30 pm I stood, put my feet together and did not fall over. I put my heal to toe and my knees did not buckle. I went to Aunt Shari and Granny and stood with my feet together saying, "Look at me; look at me; look at me!" They did look at my face, so I started pointing at my feet saying, "Look at me," and they looked down at my feet together. I started walking heal to toe still saying, "Look at me." I asked what time it was and if I could call Mom and Dad. They both laughed and said, "No, it was too late at night to call; I could wait until morning." We went to bed and about a minute later I got up and went into the kitchen. I got a fork and held it the correct way, and it did not fall out of my hand. I pressed on the counter with the fork and still held it with no problem. I went back to the bed room and told Granny that if she saw me holding my fork wrong again, to remind me that I could hold it right. She said, "Okay." I could not sleep, so I started reading Psalms for a few minutes and then slept.

I woke at 5 am full of energy for the first time in years. I needed to be quiet until 5:30 when Aunt Shari would get up for work, so I went outside. I started walking around without having to watch each step. I could bend my head back and look up to heaven and praise GOD with out being dizzy. I could walk in the yard without stumbling. I could feel the ground under my feet. I walked through the door without bumping into the frame. I could walk down the hall without bumping into the walls. Granny was awake and I told her that I could look up to heaven, (My spine had been bent forward, and I had been unable to move my neck that far.) Aunt Shari's alarm went off, and I started calling out to her that I could look to heaven and walk, and I had energy. Granny and I started calling people with the good news. I was bending my knees and jumping around and banged into the corner of the organ. IT HURT!! I could feel pain!!!!

I bounced and ran and moved non stop from 5am until 9pm that day. At 9pm I sat down and told Granny that I was tired. Not like before, but worn out from a full day of activity. She said that I should be tired. Still on 11-21-2006 I have energy. GOD has made me this way and I will not be ashamed of being hyper. Everyone else can just get tired out watching me use the energy GOD gave me!!

I went back to work that morning. While waiting for a load, I realized that my back felt different. My spine felt lighter, like less pressure. That afternoon I felt the back of my head where it had been soft, and I found it to be as hard as a rock!!!!!

It is now 11-21-2006, and everyday I discover something new that I can do now that I could not do in years or ever before. I am still healing. GOD has done so much healing already and so fast. The muscles in my left hand are getting bigger, and my fingers have straightened out. It is a noticeable improvement each day. I thank GOD for the healing to my body and the healing in my heart. The pain and bitterness is gone, and my heart overflows with joy and love.

Janice Roberson