PREVIOUS Ted & Deb Wedding Photo Gallery

Great photo I could get used to those kisses Deb pulls Ted close Ted holds Deb Happy days ahead Elizabeth, Ted and Mom Elizabeth, Ted and Mom Elizabeth, Ted and Mom bride, groom, and groom's family Jamie gets Icing, Kim Clayton looks on Caryn and Deb talking You don't say Amber, Valery, Jonny Heading outside Ted and Freda Kim & Joe Seiler, Irene Pooh and Tigger heard there was a party Here is the reception I think she means business Oh! That tickles! Well, how would you remove it? This is fun got it So, who wants it? Richard Watkins (Nikki's then fiance) gets it Amber catches the flowers; Nikki just wasn't fast enough Kissy Kissy Kissy Kissy Kissy Kissy That was fun Deb whispers to Ted The dance We can sit now Kim and Irene watching the fun