March 31, 2007
Shedrick helped his mother celebrate her birthday.

April 6, 2007
Shedrick took his parents and Grandpa & Grandma to Mepkin Abbey.

April 8, 2007
Shedrick was at Chapel of the Cross Reformed Episcopal Church, and played with his cousins.

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Helping mommy blow out her birthday candles. We did a good job on the candles. Basking in the sun at Mepkin Abbey. Mommy is taking my picture. Grandpa is holding me up high. Looking for exciting things. Grandpa holds me close. Mommy is helping me look for leaves. Daddy is helping me with the leaves Grandpa is taking a picture of Mommy and me at Mepkin Abbey. Can I get away from Mommy and play in the water? Checking the wild Easter Lilies. So many Easter Lilies. Daddy is taking a picture of a bee. Its been a long day. Grandma is watching me sleep. Mommy is holding me Easter Sunday. Five Barrow grandchildren. Walking with Daddy at Chapel of the Cross RE Church. Daddy is holding on to Brian and me. Playing with Brian and Amaya. Playing with Brianna, Amaya, and Brian. Can I get inside that huddle? Papa Barrow is holding me. Carrying a big car. Brian is watching me play. I can walk up the ramp Walking across the deck.