Roberson Family History - short stories

As this section grows, it will be divided into pages with a range of years.
Do you have any funny stories to tell? Since our memories of various events may be different, having several points of view should give more detail to events.

Great Aunt Fran the Great created a notebook of Family History, made copies, and distributed them to various members of the family. Hopefully that notebook will provide a starting place for the Family History. Until that happens, any volunteers wanting to tackle this can contact me via the link at the bottom of this page.

To get this started, here is a short story from years ago.

The Repair Man and Coco

We were living waaay outside of town on the Betzer place. Mom and Dad had gone to town, and my brothers and I were swimning in the pond. Dad had told us that a repairman would be arriving to fix a leak on the propane tank. We noticed a car coming down the driveway and headed toward the house.

I should tell you that we were swimning with our dog, Coco. Coco was a full sized Chesapeake Bay Retrever, with a wonderful disposition, a huge tail, and a full sized toothie grin. Coco loved to play in the water with us, and could hold a football in his mouth.

When we saw the car coming down the driveway, we started toward the house. I had a head start, and was running (as is typical with young boys). I had almost reached the house when Coco passed me. I was about 10 feet behind Coco when he rounded the corner of the house toward the backdoor of the house. I heard the knocking on the door just before Coco rounded the corner.

By the time I had cleared the 10 feet to the corner of the house, the repairman had left the back door of the house, cleared 20 feet of ground and was on top of his car. Coco was standing on the ground showing his best grin, and wagging his tail. There was nothing we could say to the man to convince him that Coco was friendly.