Greetings Church Family,

We have recently made the exciting decision to go on a Short-term summer mission trip. The Reformed Episcopal Church Board of Foreign Missions is sponsoring 3 short-term mission trips this summer.  My family and I plan to participate in the trip to Nigeria.  This trip departs July 2 and stays two and a half weeks.  The Rev. Paul Ekezie will lead this team from the United States to serve the Igbo people in Eastern Nigeria under Bishop Alfred Nwaizuzu in the diocese of Okigwe-North.

The purpose of this letter is two-fold; first and foremost, we request your prayer. Please join us in a Prayer Journey.  We believe that God will work in all of our lives through the over-all enrichment that comes from this type of a mission trip. This Prayer Journey will help us focus our individual prayers by traveling to a foreign land and praying 'on-site with insight.' We will pray for and with the Nigerian evangelism teams that God may open the eyes and hearts of others to the message of Jesus Christ. We will encourage local Christians in Nigeria. Our presence will bolster their spirits and support their work. We will visit many small villages in Eastern Nigeria where we will develop relationships with the Christians there, that being said we will have the opportunity to participate in the ordinations of Deacons and Presbyters of the church. Throughout the trip, we will be busy ministering through music, prayer and what other skills we can offer to the people even elbow grease and sweat.  Please be in constant prayer for us as we prepare for and travel on this trip and for all participants on any of the 3 short-term summer trips.

Second, we request your financial support.  By supporting us financially, you will be helping to further the work of the church in this part of the world, but you also will be a part of a great opportunity to build a wonderful and hopefully fruitful, mutual, and thriving transfer of information and understanding.  The total cost of this trip is two thousand (2000.00) dollars per person which includes all expenses: airfare, accommodations, food, and training. A majority of these funds are due this month to purchase air-fare.  If you would like to donate with a check, please make all checks payable to REC Board of Foreign Missions.  In order for you to receive a tax deduction for your donation, please do not write our names as the payee on the check.  Instead, place Barrow Family - Nigeria in the memo.  Please send all donations to Barrows to Nigeria Mr. Charles Twining Jr., Treasurer REC Board of Foreign Missions 2112 Forturne Road Glenside, PA 19038.  All donations are tax-deductible if given through the REC Board of Foreign Missions.

If you have any questions or comments, you can reach us at (843) 278-1793 or .

May God continually bless you,

Shedrick III, Elizabeth and Shedrick Barrow IV