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How much fun is too much?

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

We spent the 4th of July weekend visiting with our younger son and his family. It was a wonderful time visiting with our son and his wife while the 19 month old grandson was sleeping. The FUN occurred when the grandson was awake.

Watching that child chase the cats or crawl through the maize created by a couple of chairs was good for lots of laughs.  He and I played with one toy that created so much laughter that it is a wonder the Fun Police didn’t arrive to tell us we needed less laughter. I did not time the event, but my wife said we were laughing non-stop for about 30 minutes.

They say that laughter is good for your health. I think we greatly improved the health of four adults and one child during that visit.

Was that too much fun?

40th Anniversary

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

We have just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.  Our children had suggested various ways we should celebrate the event.  One suggestion was a cruise.  Another suggestion was to have a romantic pre-anniversary dinner at a great downtown restaurant and then to spend the night downtown.  Great ideas, but we just didn’t get it scheduled.  Life is so very busy with work, classes, and FAMILY.  As it turned out, we stayed home.

Staying home turned out to be the best thing we could have done.  An air conditioning issue brought two grandsons and their mother to our home for the night, and they spent our anniversary with us. As the day of our anniversary was starting, I was greeted by the three-year-old grandson saying, “Hap nerverse!”  Of course, I needed help translating that into “Happy Anniversary.”  So the first person other than my wife to wish me a happy anniversary was the oldest grandson.  What a great way to start the day.

The fun filled, if not romantic, day ended with Grandpa grilling hamburgers (or as the three-year-old grandson would say “berbers”) for the six of us.  What celebration is complete without a cake? The three-year-old grandson believes all cakes should have candles.  Our daughter rounded up some CANDLES, and produced a mathematical presentation of 40

candles 80/2

candles 80/2

which was placed on a round pound cake.  Once the three-year-old grandson blew out the candles, we all enjoyed the desert.

Vacation with Grandchildren

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Years ago, I didn’t give much thought to vacations.  We either worked around the house or traveled to visit family.  Now we travel to have fun.  Yes, we can have fun at home, and frequently we have a great deal of fun.

By traveling, we eliminate the potential to stop the fun to do some work (one of those four letter words).  Now when we travel, we usually travel with grandchildren.  We have even taken a weekend trip with grandchildren (and their parents of course).

Spring of 2009, we had a weekend trip to Myrtle Beach, SC with grandchildren.  The younger of the two grandchildren became a major attraction for other travelers.  Everyone seemed to want to comment on the cuteness or beauty of the baby.  While we were at the swimming pool, taking turns holding the baby, others at the pool were drawn to the baby.

The older grandchild had a blast in the pool.  He doesn’t swim yet, but his swimsuit includes a flotation vest, allowing him to have a lot of freedom moving around the pool.

Another Year Older

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Well, I have added another year to my age.  We even had a party to celebrate the event.  There were no presents for me to open (those were on the way from websites where I bought them) but as usual, the grandsons made the event wonderful.  Lest you think there was nothing to open, you should know my wife had purchased another toy for use at Grandma’s house.  Grandpa got to help open the Fisher-Price school bus, and Grandpa was actually a little too slow getting things opened (they have so many twisted wires holding things to the box), but it did get opened.

No one needed to show the eldest of my grandsons how the bus worked.  He immediately pushed the top of the driver to get sounds and flashing lights working.  I have gotten ahead of the story.  We no longer put the full compliment of candles  on the cake for fear of setting off smoke detectors and heating the house to an unbearable temperature.  My wife placed two candles on the cakes, and after they were lighted, I asked if my eldest grandson wanted to help me blow out the candles.  I think he had one out before I finished speaking.

Birthdays are more than just a marking of the passing of years and should always be celebrated with family.

Christmas 2008

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Christmas 2008 has come and gone.  WOW!  Christmas is a great time to be with family especially when there are Grandchildren involved.

This Christmas, we traveled to the home of two of my grandsons.  When we arrived, we gathered around the table and had a wonderful breakfast.  After breakfast, we started opening presents.  The baby is too young to remember this Christmas, but at one month of age this is expected.

Big brother is 2.5 years old and may well remember this Christmas.  He is very interested in trains and is always pointing out choo-choo tracks.  This Christmas he received Thomas the Train pieces and parts and was every excited about every present he received.  I must have taken thousands of photos (well maybe only a hundred or so).  He was excited about all his presents, but the trains seems to be a big hit with him.

We returned home and started preparing the mid-day meal; I setup the table I had made and attached many wooden train track pieces.  When  my daughter and son-in-law arrived with the two boys, we ate the mid-day meal.  When the meal was finished, the older boy was taken to the new train table.  Now he has his own table to use with Thomas and Friends and any other vehicle he wants to put on the table.

I know Christmas is not about gifts, but the joy of watching the grandsons is wonderful.  If I as a mere human enjoy watching my young grandsons, imagine the joy God had watching his only begotten son.

Grandchildren are “GRAND”

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

In May of 2006, I became a Grandfather. As the birth of my first grandchild approached, I really didn’t know what to expect. I guess I just thought another person would be added to the family. WOW, was I ever wrong.

When they put that new little boy in my arms, it seems he reached inside – grabbed my heart – and then said “Got you grandpa!” Everything changed. Instead of every day being similar to the day before, there was always something new happening. It still amazes me how tired I can be, and when he meets me at the door, suddenly I feel energized.

November of 2007, my second grandson was born, and I had a better idea about what was going to happen.  Once again, a little man reached inside and grabbed my heart, and once again, life was changed.

This month, my third grandson was born and he has also grabbed my heart.  This little man is less than one week old and he came into this world wide-eyed and ready for everything.

Future messages in this category will tell more about these amazing young men and comment on how they affect my life.