Several times, my wife and I have been invited to attend the family reunions of our younger daughter’s in-laws.  We have not always been able to attend, and even when attending parts, we may have not been able to attend all of the events.

This past Friday night, we attended the cook-out that starts the reunion each year. The extended family and close friends are invited to attend this opening event.

What a joy it was to sit and watch a large family interact. Adults were greeting each other and catching up on what had happened in the lives of the family members.  Children were doing the things children do when they get together.  I saw small children running around in what appeared to me to be meaningless circles, but I am sure they had their reasons.  Older children were demonstrating their moves with a basketball or showing the latest dance moves.  The babies were passed from one lap to the next as older generations met the newest family members.  Some new members were introduced who had recently married into the family.

When the food was ready to be eaten, there was a blessing asked, and then a line was formed to start loading the food onto the plates.  There was so much grilled meat and delicious side dishes, that the deserts were hardly touched.

It is always a joy to spend time with the members of OUR extended family.  Everyone is cordial, courteous, and congenial.  We thank them all for making us a part of their family.

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