Wedding thoughts

This past weekend, we were at the wedding of a member of our extended family.  The small church was full of friends and family on both sides of the aisle.  After the minister lead the couple through their vows to each other, the minister then did something I have never seen in a wedding.  Both bride and groom came to the wedding with children, and the minister had the children stand in front of their parents.  The minister then lead first the groom and then the bride through vows to the children.

So often in marriages that blend families together, the children are at the wedding, but are not a part (except as flower children, ring bearers, etc.).  To have each parent vow to take care of the children brought to the family by the other parent was a unique and wonderful experience.  Another first for me was seeing the groom kiss the bride while holding their youngest child.

This was truly a family experience.

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