Vacation with Grandchildren

Years ago, I didn’t give much thought to vacations.  We either worked around the house or traveled to visit family.  Now we travel to have fun.  Yes, we can have fun at home, and frequently we have a great deal of fun.

By traveling, we eliminate the potential to stop the fun to do some work (one of those four letter words).  Now when we travel, we usually travel with grandchildren.  We have even taken a weekend trip with grandchildren (and their parents of course).

Spring of 2009, we had a weekend trip to Myrtle Beach, SC with grandchildren.  The younger of the two grandchildren became a major attraction for other travelers.  Everyone seemed to want to comment on the cuteness or beauty of the baby.  While we were at the swimming pool, taking turns holding the baby, others at the pool were drawn to the baby.

The older grandchild had a blast in the pool.  He doesn’t swim yet, but his swimsuit includes a flotation vest, allowing him to have a lot of freedom moving around the pool.

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