New Year

Shortly after Christmas 2008, we traveled to spend time with my family (Mom, sister, brothers, nieces and nephews).  Being with family is really wonderful in so many ways.

Just sitting around and talking with family is something that should always be enjoyed.  Sure you can get angry with family, but there is still and always will be a bond.   So get over any ill feelings, and just sit and talk.  Talk about how things were years ago, the things we did as children, and the things we have done as adults.  Talking is what we did while visiting with family.

Mom helped me with learning about her family.  I never knew my maternal grandparents, since both died while I was a baby.  I never knew my uncle Garland.  Through mother I know a little about Garland & his wife, my Grandparents, and my Great grandparents.   Much of what I learned will make it to the genealogy site.

While visiting with family, we attended a tradition established by one of my nephews.  He has small children.  For New Year’s Eve he cooks up a feast and the children are allowed to stay up and watch the New Year arrive.  Sometimes a little one will not make it all the way to the new year.  Everyone is invited, and there are lots of family members, and even those made family by being friends.  Ushering in the New Year with my nephew and all the rest of the “family” that attended was a wonderful experience.

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