Another Year Older

Well, I have added another year to my age.  We even had a party to celebrate the event.  There were no presents for me to open (those were on the way from websites where I bought them) but as usual, the grandsons made the event wonderful.  Lest you think there was nothing to open, you should know my wife had purchased another toy for use at Grandma’s house.  Grandpa got to help open the Fisher-Price school bus, and Grandpa was actually a little too slow getting things opened (they have so many twisted wires holding things to the box), but it did get opened.

No one needed to show the eldest of my grandsons how the bus worked.  He immediately pushed the top of the driver to get sounds and flashing lights working.  I have gotten ahead of the story.  We no longer put the full compliment of candles  on the cake for fear of setting off smoke detectors and heating the house to an unbearable temperature.  My wife placed two candles on the cakes, and after they were lighted, I asked if my eldest grandson wanted to help me blow out the candles.  I think he had one out before I finished speaking.

Birthdays are more than just a marking of the passing of years and should always be celebrated with family.

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