Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008 has come and gone.  WOW!  Christmas is a great time to be with family especially when there are Grandchildren involved.

This Christmas, we traveled to the home of two of my grandsons.  When we arrived, we gathered around the table and had a wonderful breakfast.  After breakfast, we started opening presents.  The baby is too young to remember this Christmas, but at one month of age this is expected.

Big brother is 2.5 years old and may well remember this Christmas.  He is very interested in trains and is always pointing out choo-choo tracks.  This Christmas he received Thomas the Train pieces and parts and was every excited about every present he received.  I must have taken thousands of photos (well maybe only a hundred or so).  He was excited about all his presents, but the trains seems to be a big hit with him.

We returned home and started preparing the mid-day meal; I setup the table I had made and attached many wooden train track pieces.  When  my daughter and son-in-law arrived with the two boys, we ate the mid-day meal.  When the meal was finished, the older boy was taken to the new train table.  Now he has his own table to use with Thomas and Friends and any other vehicle he wants to put on the table.

I know Christmas is not about gifts, but the joy of watching the grandsons is wonderful.  If I as a mere human enjoy watching my young grandsons, imagine the joy God had watching his only begotten son.

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